DAEMON Tools Pro installation

Detailed instructions are available in Step-by-step section.

Tutorial on how to download and install DAEMON Tools Pro on your PC.
Download link: http://www.disc-soft.com/download/dtproAdv/trial

Run DAEMON Tools Pro installation file. You can get one at www.daemon-tools.cc

Please download DAEMON Tools Pro installation files only from official distributor's web-sites disc-soft.com and daemon-tools.cc. All of officially provided files signed with digital certificate are safe and malware-free. In case digital signature of DAEMON Tools setup file is valid, we guarantee that our software does not contain any harmful code.

If you experience any troubles with DAEMON Tools Pro installation due to your security software (NOD32, Avast, Kaspersky, Dr. Web etc.), please deactivate security software and restart the installation from the beginning.

step 1
Click on 'Next' button in the DAEMON Tools Pro installation window.
step 2
Read the License Agreement (1) and accept it to continue installation by clicking on 'I Agree' button (2).
step 3
Choose your license type (1): 'Trial License' for evaluation or 'Paid License' if you got license serial number already. If you want to buy license later (don't have license serial) choose 'Trial License' to continue installation. And click on 'Next' button (2) to continue.

About how to get license serial see purchase and review serial screencasts.

step 4
Select DAEMON Tools Pro edition (1) and click on 'Next' (2) to continue.
step 5
Check SPTD (1) for advanced emulation options like RMPS, SafeDisk, SecuROM and LaserLock to become available. And click on 'Next' (2) to continue.
step 6
You can set custom installation path by updating 'Destination folder' string (1) or by browsing your PC (2). Click on 'Install' (3) to begin extracting of DAEMON Tools Pro files.
step 8
Click 'Install' in 'Desktop Gadgets' window. DAEMON Tools gadget can be managed as usual Windows gadget.
step 9
Choose reboot options (1) — 'Reboot now' is recommended.

Don't forget to save all important data before rebooting! All unsaved data will be lost after reboot.

Click 'Finish' to close installation window and reboot your PC.
step 10
After reboot system will finish installation process and display DAEMON Tools Pro window (1), DAEMON Tools gadget (2) and DAEMON Tools agent icon (3).
step 11

Silent mode

DAEMON Tools Pro setup provides advanced way to install the program via command line or batch file without user interaction. Such functionality is commonly used for remote software deployment.

Such DAEMON Tools Pro installation method is called Silent Mode.

To install DAEMON Tools Pro in silent mode you need to run setup file with /S parameter (case sensitive) from the command line. Also you need to specify the following parameters:

  • /S — main parameter which enables silent mode (case sensitive parameter)
  • /serial <serial number> — specify your serial number to activate DAEMON Tools Pro
  • /nogadget — DAEMON Tools Sidebar Gadget doesn't install automatically on Windows Vista/7 (can be installed manually later)
  • /sptd — SPTD driver will be installed
  • /D=<installation path> — optional (must be the last parameter to work correctly)


C:\Downloads\DAEMONToolsPro500-0317.exe /S /serial aa11aabb22bbcc33ccdd44ddee55eeff /sptd /D="C:\Program Files"

Don't forget quotation marks if path contains spaces.